About Us

Hugh J. Ward & Co. Solicitors is a large dynamic law firm located at International Financial Services Centre at 9 Seville Place, Dublin 1. The firm comprises fifty one members of staff who together bring a fresh mix of professional and practical experience amounting to a combined total of over 100 years of legal & business experience.

In the year 2006 the firm moved to large modern office at International Financial Services Centre at 9 Seville Place, Dublin 1 to accommodate a general expansion in the business and growing staff numbers.

By appropriate selection of clients the firm has developed an ability and reputation for meeting deadlines on time all the time, at a competitive price with a superior quality of service. This has been achieved through capital investment in highly motivated and experienced people and specialised computer systems and software.

This law firm was one of the first firms to become registered with the Data Protection Commissioner.

It is a policy of the office to provide our clients with a dedicated contact point who will act as relationship manager to each client allowing for instant 24 hour 7 day access to our professional services ensuring speedy turnaround times when required.

We can offer remote viewing of your cases with us and extensive and flexible reporting.

The firm is innovative in its approach to our clients’ requirements and provides solutions to situations through a keen awareness of the powerful combination of well-structured legal and commercial considerations.

The terms and conditions under which the firm offers legal services are outlined in an agreed service level agreement which will detail the arrangements for the day to day delivery of the service, what is required of the client and specific reporting details in relation to the progress of matters within the firm.

Pricing – Details of fees and outlays that are likely to be incurred are agreed on a client by client basis and are set out in agreement with the client at the outset of the relationship where and when appropriate.