Property transactions fall into two main areas that require specific experienced legal advice. These are:

  1. Residential Property
  2. Commercial Property

We have developed the legal experience and client specific skill sets to deliver a full range of Property Services to both these areas.

Residential Property Services include easily understood legal advice for one or more individuals in the areas of house purchases & sales and house Re-mortgages & Top-up mortgages. We will explain in as much detail as you require the steps involved in a property transaction from the start to the finish so that you are always aware of where you stand.

Commercial Property Services include legal advice focused on our clients’ business objectives. This includes the purchase and sale of Investment Property and the subsequent re-mortgages & Top-up mortgages relating to that investment. We have been involved in many commercial property transactions including:

Letting Agreements and Leases – acting for Landlords and Tenants

Development Schemes – acting for builders and developers

Site Acquisition / Disposal

Secured Property Borrowing – acting for Lenders and Borrowers


Tax Structures

We will advise you on all legal matters involved in purchasing, selling or letting a property including, for example, the conditions contained in a Contract for Sale or a Letting Agreement or the conditions contained in a Mortgage Offer. We will advise you on what matters need to be dealt with by you personally or your mortgage broker or estate agent.

We will advise you if you need to obtain Tax, Planning, Architect/Engineer or Property Valuer advice. Through our Agent network we can make contact with the necessary expert for you.

We are committed to ensuring that your transaction runs as smoothly as possible from beginning to end. We will continually keep you advised of any issues that may arise in bringing your transaction to a close. We will advise you of the necessary course of action required to remedy the situation. We are available, should you need to contact us during the course of your transaction, via telephone, fax and email.