Congratulations to The Ward Group on their Best Practice achievement.

It was our pleasure as the Irish Institute of Credit Management (IICM), the awarding body, together with our partner The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP), to present certificates to the staff at The Ward Group who successfully completed their education programme as part of our joint IICM/AICDP international excellence programme.

The clear and demonstrable commitment to quality at the Ward Group combined with the strength of the IICM Best Practice Initiative and the influence of AICDP on International excellence, provided a unique opportunity to recognise the efforts of the individuals in the Ward Group who took the time to study and open their minds to the world of international credit. We welcome them as associate members of both IICM and AICDP and we look forward to their on going association with us as we continue to grow the international community of credit professionals.

Our thanks to Hugh Ward, The Ward Group, and the accredited team. Your commitment to excellence makes our efforts worthwhile.

“The Ward Group which includes Credit Management Outsource Solutions (CMOS) Limited and Hugh J. Ward & Co. Solicitors were delighted to become involved in this excellent education programme. Our staff welcomed the quality and professionalism of the programme and received real value from their studies. The combination of the international aspects from the Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP) and national aspects from the Irish Institute of Credit Management (IICM) will produce excellent credit professionals within the Ward Group”.